Activities of the project “Europe in my eyes”, supported by the European Parliament.
Project “Europe in my eyes”

The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence and the JMECE Lab, based in Institute of Communication Studies, has organised a one day conference in Leeds Civic Hall on Friday 13th March, 2009 between 10.00 a.m. and 16.00 p.m.

This event is intended to bring together young people from Leeds to look at engaging them in the forthcoming European Elections. To that end, a number of MEPs and speakers from the University, together with EU students in ICS, will be giving talks, holding round table debates and also showing a JMECE produced film.

The conference is part of our own research on citizenship, the public sphere and mediated governance and addresses the EU’s and its member states’ attempts to use new media to mobilise interest among citizens in democratic engagement.

Speakers include MEPs for Yorkshire and Humber, media practitioners, academics, researchers, local authorities and first time young voters from Britain and other EU countries. Issues to be discussed include voting in Euro-elections, young people’s views of the EU, its priorities, policies and the future of democracy. We would like to thank Lynette Falconer, Information Development Manager, Leeds Europe Direct at Leeds City Council for her support. Activities of the project “Europe in my eyes”, supported by the European Parliament.

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You and the Future of Democracy in Europe

Conference at Leeds Civic Hall, 13th March 2009, 10am-4pm

10.00 Welcome and Introduction. [speaker TBC]

PANEL 1: EU elections and EU citizenship

10.15 What future? What democracy? What’s the point of Euro-elections? Prof Juliet Lodge, JMECE, University of Leeds

10.30 The European Parliament in perspective. Dermot Scott, Head of the UK Office of the European Parliament

10.50 European elections, political participation and mobilisation of young people. Fabro Steibel, Francisco Seoane Perez and Stergios Mavrikis, JMECE Lab.

“Do it like a European?”: a film for first time voters by first time voters, marking the “50th anniversary of the European Parliament and 30 years since the first Euro-elections”. The film will be introduced by Leeds University Communications students, the Director Ali Dickinson, the Producer Vivienne Errington-Barnes and the Script-writer Nick Miller.

11.00 Screening of the short film “Do it like a European?”

11.30 Tea break

PANEL 2: Communicating Europe?

11.45 Boring, Irrelevant and Over there! The Media and Europe. Judith Stamper, Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds

12.00 Britain and Europe: Ignorance is Bliss! Geoffrey Martin, Special Adviser to the Commonwealth Secretary on Strategic Relationships

12.15 Protecting Citizens in Europe. DCI Dave Fortune

12.30 Lunch

Stands by Europe Direct, JMECE Lab and European Movement with material for distribution

PANEL 3: Your chance to talk to European MEPs

13.30 Green Europe: Political Choices. Diana Wallis, MEP, Liberal Democrat

13.50 What has European Parliament ever done for you? Dr Richard Corbett MEP, Labour.

14.10 Consuls-supporting you abroad. Mark Green, Honorary German Consul

14.20 Round table – with MEPs, including Dr Richard Corbett MEP Labour; Diana Wallis MEP Liberal Democrats; Godfrey Bloom MEP UKIP; and Mark Green Honorary German Consul. Moderated by Prof Juliet Lodge.

15.00 Tea break

PANEL 4 : European Union from the citizens’ perspective

15.15 What Use are Euro parties? Dr Simon Lightfoot, University of Leeds

15.30 The Role of Europe Direct Network: getting Information about Europe, studying and working elsewhere in Europe. Lynette Falconer, Leeds Europe Direct

15.40 Working for an idea: internship and employment at the European Union. Dr Alina Dobreva, European Commission stagiaire and Christina Michael, journalist working for

15.50 The European Movement – why it matters, and what it can do. Neill Schofield, the European Movement

16.00 Closing Speaker: Who’s European Now? Dr Katharine Sarikakis, University of Leeds

Special activity: The FOCUS GROUPS on ‘YOUR VISION OF EUROPE’ will convene at 15.00 – 16.0o

"You and the future of democracy in the EU" poster

"You and the future of democracy in the EU" poster