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The 5th newsletter of the JMECE Lab (January-February) is available online at:

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Inside this issue:

• “European Harmony – Conductor or metronome?” by Mirek Topolánek, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, EU presidency of the European Union between January and June 2009 (front page)

• “The 10 commandments for efficient Communication with EU citizens” by Stergios Mavrikis, PhD candidate, ICS (page: 3)

• “Economic crisis, “the perfect excuse” to avoid environmental commitments ” Report by Francisco Seoane Perez, PhD candidate, ICS (page: 6)

• “Multilingualism: a long term investment for EU” by Nathalie Henry, PhD candidate, ICS (page: 7)

• Movers and Shakers: The making of the European Parliament, by Juliet Lodge, Director Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, Professor of European Studies, ICS (page: eight)

• “European Union: A citizen’s perspective” by Bruno van den Elshout, Journalist and photographer (page 11)

• “Communicating Europe: How can this Utopia come about?” by Geoff Martin, Special Adviser to the Commonwealth Secretary General on Strategic Relationships (page 12)

• “Greece and Sarkozy’s “Union for the Mediterranean””, by George Tassiopoulos PhD candidate in political science University of East-Paris (page: 13)

• “Debate: European Communication Policy biased propaganda?”, by Silke Stumvoll, journalist, stagiaire at a Communication and information Unit of the Commission (page: 14)

•”Publication of Special JCER issue on Media and Communication in Europe: Babel Revisited”, by Agnes Inge Schneeberger, PhD candidate, ICS (page: 15)