Leeds Euro MP Richard Corbett

Leeds Euro MP Richard Corbett

News release from the Office of Richard Corbett, Labour MEP for Yorkshire & Humber

Labour Euro MP for Leeds, Richard Corbett, will talk about what the European Parliament has achieved for EU citizens, at the University of Leeds’ ‘You And The Future Of Democracy In Europe’ conference this Friday.

The conference is organised by the university’s Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence and will also consider the forthcoming European elections, EU citizenship, communication within the EU and citizens’ perspectives of the EU.

Richard said: “It was MEPs that voted to give temporary workers the same rights as people on permanent contracts, a decision that improved the pay and rights at work of tens of thousands of people in just Leeds alone. It was MEPs that fought for and agreed the climate change package and it was MEPs that voted to provide the UK with EU money following the severe flooding of 2008. MEPs make a real difference to how EU legislation is shaped and because they are elected they provide a direct link between citizens and the EU itself.

“The European Parliament has made a massive impact on the way the EU is run and the way Europe-wide laws are agreed. The majority of proposed EU rules require the approval of the parliament and it is up to MEPs to either reject them outright or improve them by negotiation