Please follow the links bellow to watch the full version of the docudrama “Do it like a European?” created by communications studies students for young people. It is a non-partisan attempt to cover contemporary ideas, and young people’s hopes for Europe on the eve of the 2009 elections to the European Parliament in a way that appeals to young audiences.

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Do it like a European? – PART ONE

Do it like a European? – PART TWO

Do it like a European? – PART THREE

Do it like a European? – PART FOUR

Do it like a European? – PART FIVE

Do it like a European? – PART SIX

A production celebrating the 50th anniversary of the European Parliament and 30 years since the first Euro-elections, presented by the Jean Monnet European of Excellence and the JMECE Lab at the University of Leeds, UK. A production supported by a grant from the European Parliament.

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The European Parliament, the European Union and the 2009 election of the European Parliament by direct universal suffrage in free elections since 1979 has always posed a challenge to those seeking to inform voters that they personally elect candidates to serve as Members of the European Parliament.

In Britain, turnout has always been low. Many people are unaware of the impending elections on 4 June 2009. Many of the students who produced this dvd were equally unaware at the outset and equally unaware that they could vote on 4 June 2009 to elect Members of the European Parliament to represent their region. So we decided to find out more.

We produced an experimental dvd written by us for young, potential first time voters. In the process of discovery and production, the importance of voting in 4 June 2009 in the elections to the European Parliament became increasingly clear.

The European Parliament influences EU legislation. Our MEPs influence the legislation that affects us all. On 4 June 2009, we have the opportunity to vote.

The dvd reflects our interpretations of Europe. We thank the European Parliament, and all those who made it possible for us to discover why voting on 4 June 2009 matters, and why voting gives all of us an opportunity to play our part in shaping the future. Responsibility for the content remains ours.

All the materials are part of the activities promoted by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Leeds, and the JMECE Lab, at the Institute of Communications Studies.

Please fell free to distribute the dvd among peers online.

Script/production supervisors: Stergios Mavrikis & Fabro Steibel.

Initial Idea: JMECE Lab members: May Jacobs, Stergios Mavrikis, Agnes Inge Schneeberger, Fabro Steibel, Anna Zoellner.

Producer: Vivienne Errington-Barnes, Ass. Producer: Maya Manwaring, Writer: Nick Miller, Director: Ali Dickinson, Camera: Joe Davis, A.D.:Anna Spragg, D.O.P: Charles Woods, Editor: Will Lock, Script Political Supervisor: Luke Errington-Barnes, Hair & Make-up: Jessie Young, P.D.: Laura Smith, Special Effects: Will Lock, Composer: Howard Carter, Ass. Writer: Emma Brown, Lighting: Tom Lane, Lighting Ass.: Jonny Hughes, Boom/Grip: Alex Darwin, Ass. Script Political Supervisor: Sundeep Kumar, Production Design Ass.: Cameron Carswell, Costume: Jinny Howarth, Costume Ass.: Klaudia Stoniek, Researcher (film): Amy Moorcroft, Production Ass.: Cristina Cretu, Runner: Teresa Lee, Runner: Edmund Perou, Runner: Lucy Dixon, Sound Editor: Lee Charallah, Animation Composer: Callum Oliver.