Welcome to the 7th JMECE Lab newsletter

The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence Lab (www.jmecelab.com) at the Institute of Communications Studies (University of Leeds) is pleased to announce the publication of a new JMECE Lab newsletter Feb. 2010.

In this issue (download it HERE):

  • “The Spanish EU Presidency: Fasten your seatbelts!” by Francisco Seoane Pérez, journalist, PhD candidate, Spain
  • The JMECE docudrama “Do it like a European?” wins prize at the international Winton Film Contest
  • “Building Europe from the End of the World” by Francisco Seoane Pérez, journalist, PhD candidate, Spain
  • “The European Elections in Austria: blame it on the media or is Brussels just too far… away?” by Daniel Nagel. PhD candidate, editor for the Austrian CISG database, Austria
  • “Talking to Margot Wallström online” by Stergios Mavrikis, journalist, PhD candidate, Greece
  • “Why I am a Pirate” by Daniel Östlund, Pirate Party member, Sweden
  • “The Lisbon express” by George Tassiopoulos, PhD candidate in political science, France
  • “Europhobes and Europhiles: a new type of info-war in Plato’s cave” by Stergios Mavrikis, journalist, PhD candidate, Greece
  • “Conservative naivety on Europe” by Toni Giugliano, political researcher at the Scottish Parliament, Scotland/UK
  • “The media and the European Union: “Europe is maybe not sexy” (Wallström, 2008)” by Bruno Martin Hoyer, ICS MA student studying “Communicating Europe”, Germany
  • “The European Commission may be trying too hard to convince us” by Geoff Martin, Special Adviser to the Commonwealth Secretary General on Strategic Relationships, UK
  • State of the Art, The Condition of Liberty & The Art of Objection, 18th – 28th May 2009, Berlaymont Building, Brussels, Curated by Sami Jalili, Belgium

About to the JMECE LAB newsletter:

JMECELAB newsletter is produced by postgraduates researching the European Union. It reflects a particular interest in EU media policies, European identity (from the perspective of individual people in the EU states, and its international identity) and how these identities are mediated by printed and electronic media. Other areas of particular interest include EU egovernance, EU reform, security and diplomacy, EU multilateralism and trade as exemplified by EU-China relations, climate change and socio-legal developments. We welcome articles from readers in the region and around the world on any aspect of EU affairs, EU research, academic events and policy initiatives.

To subscribe to the JMECELAB Newsletter or for any other enquires please contact: Stergios Mavrikis at cla7sm@leeds.ac.uk