Welcome to the JMECE Lab

JMECE LAB is a platform designed to create a research network among students, European youth movements and others sharing an interest in the future of Europe. See us on:


on The Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence (http://www.leeds.ac.uk/jmce) at the University of Leeds Institute of Communications Studies site (http://ics.leeds.ac.uk/index.cfm) with the following objectives:


Objective 1: To encourage postgraduates and academics from different European countries as well as from different parts of UK to work together in the field of European integration.

Objective 2: To bring together postgraduate students at the University of Leeds concerned with European Union issues.


Objective 3: To provide a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas between young researchers with an interest in the European Union, helping them to overcome the isolation and solitude of research.


Objective 4: to invite partners to play a full part in our work , including our website, meetings, workshops, speeches, events etc.

Objective 5: to provide up-to-date profiles of the people currently involved in this forum and build a research network to inform our work. We draw inspiration in wanting to share our research resources, questions and thoughts, from Jean Monnet’s legendary phrase: “we do not unify countries, we unify people”.

Research Interests:

The participants of the JMECE Research Students LAB are invited to place their research projects in one of the following fields. Like our own research this is a work-in-progress and open to development:

• European e-participation, e-citizenship, e-governance

• European Citizenship

• European Citizens – European Netizens

• Enlargement

• The Lisbon treaty

• European democratic/communication Deficits

• Multiculturalism

• Europeanism

• European history, politics, law and business

• Post-national identities / supranational identities

• European public sphere(s)

• European audiovisual policy

• European public opinion

• European Communication Polyglotism

• EU internal and external security, liberty and freedom.